Friday, November 14, 2008

A midday monarch dream

I just had a bizarre dream. Although I'm interested in what my dreams mean to me, I often make my own assumptions and don't consult dream anaylsis, but I would be interested in what the experts have to say about this one.
I just woke up from an hour-long nap on the futon in my living room. During that hour, I dreamed that hundreds of monarch butterflies started to appear the room where I was sleeping, and throughout my apartment. (I wasn't sleeping in the dream). Butterflies have always made me most other insects with wings. I hate them landing on me. They're beautiful, but I can't handle them being anywhere near me, especially my face. So in the dream, my dad has given me a gift of a live tree for my apartment. Right now, I have a fake tree in my apartment, and the live one from the dream looks just like that one, but not made out of plastic. Along with the appearance of butterflies on the ceiling and walls mostly, a number of ants also start to appear. Someone, who had no identity, but I think represented a close friend, suggested that the insects were coming from the plants in my apartment, especially the new tree. So we were convinced that was the problem. But before I could remove the plants, I had to get rid of the butterflies. I figured out that if I held out my bare arm, the butterflies would cling to it and stay there long enough for me to move around with them. This was the LAST thing I wanted to do, have them land on me, but it had to be done, so I held out my arm and the first round of monarchs attached. In the dream I could feel the wind created by their wings flapping rapidly and their disgusting little legs moving around all over my arm. With my face turned away as much as possible and arm outstretched, I carried the first batch outside into the hallway, then out the front door of my building, letting them get blown away with the wind after which I quickly shut the door. I came back to my apartment and held out my arm again to gather more monarchs. This time I'm pretty sure for some reason I wasn't able to let them go alive. In the dream, there was another method by which I could get rid of the butterflies but it meant they would have to die. I can't tell you exactly how this was done, but I know I had to do it to at least one of the batches of butterflies. While all of this was happening, my friend pointed out to me that the hamster that I have in that same room of my apartment had turned into two hamsters! My hamster had somehow given birth and the other hamster was almost exactly the same size as it already, and somehow I hadn't realized it. I must have taken the new hamster to the vet, or somewhere, because someone with rubber gloves then examined the hamster and told me its sex, which I don't remember. The dream ended after that.

I had no idea that monarch butterflies actually do exist in colonies of hundreds of thousands/millions.


terese elhard said...

THAT is a beautiful dream!

carzilla said...

Mmm, i think i have to go with jacey on this one, I think butterflies are pretty, but I DONT like them touching me :(

those pictures are really scary, hahaha