Thursday, December 11, 2008

Old school

I was browsing the local news sites from my hometown and I came across the website of the high school from the next town over and decided I should check out my own high school's website since I haven't looked at it since I attended school there. I was pleasantly surprised that the design of it is pretty clean and easy to navigate, unlike Grafton's, the next town over, which is kind of hideous (note the awesome Christmas tree type). On my high school's website, there was a link to the Cedarburg Education Foundation and I remembered that they use my logo that I designed as an assignment for my "Commercial Art/Graphic Design" class my senior year. The links are broken on the homepage (LAME!) but I did an image search for CEF and found my SWEET logo! (note my sarcasm.... although I'm sure I thought it was cool at the time).

1 comment:

terese said...

they are really on to something with that christmas tree type! lookin fresh!