Monday, March 23, 2009

MADE@MCAD Exhibition

Two weeks ago, the "Made @ MCAD" exhibition opened in the main gallery at school. All students were allowed to submit multiple pieces of work for the show, and a jury chose which pieces made it into the exhibit in the main gallery. My collaboration with Terese Elhard and Jeni Kozicky was chosen to be in the show. We created a folder with four flaps that folds open to reveal 15 collaged posters, based on protest events surrounding the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul. On the back of each tabloid-sized poster is a news article written about the RNC, printed in black on top of black, so the text is only visible when held at the right light, except for an enlarged sentence from the article in color. This sentence serves as a pull-quote and the place in the article where the sentence appears as a colored underline. We didn't get to choose how our work was displayed and as it turns out, none of my collages are actually showing in the case, and the actual folder is hidden under what kind of just looks like a mess of pages, but oh well- still exciting that our piece made it into the show!

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