Thursday, April 16, 2009

Binary opposition

A postcard created in the context of "binary oppositions" that will be printed in a grid along with the rest of my classmates' designs as a press sheet that will serve as a poster. Then all the individual postcards will be trimmed down. On one side of the postcard will be the first image, which is made up of only cyan, magenta and yellow. On the reverse side, the black ink on the press will be turned on and the black layer (thumbprints) will be added. The concept of this piece was manipulate, or quite literally invert, this universally recognizable artwork. Then by adding another literal layer of opposition with the thumbprints, I am authoring this artwork as my own. This is an assignment for my electronic pre-press class, a project my class is working on with Walker Art Center designer, Emmet Byrne.

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