Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trek 100 Oracle cycling jerseys

My stepmom Mary works for Oracle and asked me to submit a custom design for cycling jerseys for her company team for the Trek 100, a charity bike race on June 6. Lance Armstrong usually participates in the race every year (apparently not this year though) and it starts at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo, WI. I haven't decided if I'm going to ride in it this year or not, but I'm definitely tempted. Either way I'll get my own version of this jersey. Awesome.

Here's a quick and hilarious mock-up of what the jersey is supposed to look like when worn.

The design was created from a template provided by this website. Pretty cool stuff. I am a little nervous about how the template pieces will translate to the actual jersey, so we'll see!


IowaAdmin said...

Very nice design! I look forward to wearing it. I don't think Lance will be there this year because he is made a comeback and returned to the pro tour.

Bill J. said...

FYI, the Trek 100 Ride for Hope is a charity event benefiting the MACC Fund. This year's ride attracted approx 2,400 riders on a cold, breezy and slightly damp Saturday. It is NOT a race.

Rafael Guerrero said...

so how the jersey look like when on?
I'm planing a Diabetes ride and want to order couple of custom jersey

Greg said...

Is there a place where I can order one of these shirts. Participating in the Pan Mass Challenge this year.